From Tokyo to Bangkok…

Tenkaichi Yakiton Yakitori Nagiya
was founded in Suginami, Tokyo in 2005.

In the span of 11 years, 6 branches have opened in Tokyo in areas such as Hounancho, Yoyogi, Chitosefunabashi, and Nishiogikubo, Musashikoyama, Musashikoyama Ekimae.

Our best sellers, beef guts hot pot and skewers have been loved for a long time by our customers.
Our skewers are prepared with care and grilled with proffessional skills,
with the assurance of quality meat and Nagiya's original sauce.

"Let the world experience real Japanese skewers!"
To achieve this goal, Nagiya decided to take the first step in Bangkok, Thailand.

We carefully selected the best possible incredients to bring out the real flavors of Japanese cusine.

Our customers are able to enjoy our charcoal grilled skewers, delicious hot pots,
as well as fresh sashimi, sushi, and seafood dishes in the same atmosphere as a Japanese "Izakaya".

Nagiya Bangkok
The real flavors of Japan is recreated here

6 Branches in Tokyo &
6 Branches in Bangkok
※ Including Taishuusakaba Torayoshi

Nagiya’s 1st branch opened in Honancho, Suginami, Tokyo in August 2006. In the span of 4 years after 2006, 6 branches opened, all within areas of Tokyo.

Then, on April 1st of 2012, we opened our 1st branch in Thailand, located in Nihonmachi, Bangkok. This was just the beginning of our journey in Bangkok.

With the love and support of all of our beloved customers, we successfully opened 6 branches in Japan and 6 branches in Bangkok within 11 years since our company was founded.

We would be delighted to share the real flavors of Japanese cuisine to both Thais and foreigners living in Bangkok.

Loved by Many Celebrities!!
Same Flavors as Nagiya in Tokyo

Nagiya in Tokyo has been visited by many celebrities from Japan. Although we started as a small restaurant business, our reputation was spread by our beloved customers. Soon, Nagiya became a popular dining spot in Tokyo with customers lined up outside.

If you are looking for an experience of quality Japanese food in Bangkok, come to Nagiya! We will provide you the same experience of Japanese "izakaya" with friendly Japanese staffs in every branch.